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        Brief Introduction

        ZHE JIANG INSTITUTE OF GEOLOGY AND MINERAL RESCOURCES was founded in 1957, is a pure public welfare institutions at County level. Main responsibility is to assume complete province geological scientific research and related strategic mineral resources exploration and evaluation method of land resources, mineral resources and the supervision and inspection work. Ministry of land and resources of Zhejiang province and the geological exploration, scientific research and technical development of key units, is also the Ministry of land and resources of Hangzhou mineral resources supervision and testing center, the Ministry of land and resources of Zhejiang Province Key Laboratory of clay minerals, non-metallic minerals applied research focused on testing base support unit in Zhejiang province and the " post-doctoral scientific research workstation " ( pilot unit ). 

        I long to bear country, Ministry, province to learn basic theory research and geological research exploration, non-metallic mineral application technology and product development, hydrogeology exploration and evaluation, physical and chemical analysis and testing, mineral processing test of work, won the provincial science and technology progress award more than sixty, is in the province come first on the list of major geological scientific research and development mechanism of mineral products. With Zhejiang province jewelry jade identification center, holding Hangzhou and Zhejiang mineral science and technology limited company, Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang's Jewellery Company Limited, Hangzhou and Zhejiang non Pioneer Metals Corporation, and gradually formed a scientific research as the basis, relying on the technical testing, non-metallic products R & D and jewelry operating characteristics for the diversified industrial structure system.